Tri-State Home School Athletic Association

Match Your Time Talent Gifts to a NWA Hornet Job



Tri-State Home School Athletic Association is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization founded in 2011 by the vision, hard work  and enthusiasm of a few families that focus on a home centered education approach with a desire to honor our children by modeling how to be excellent or noble, in what they think, say and do.


 We believe if approached in the right context, competitive athletics is a co-ciricular part of our children’s education and not an extra-cirricular activity.  It is a great complement to a rigorous book study.


TSHSAA is totally dependent on our members for everything we do and the expense of what we do.  We desire every one of our members to know that we need “all hands on deck” and feel like they are contributing with consideration to their time, talent and gifts . 


Please read through all of the following activities needed in our organization and at the end of this letter, simply write your name and the # or #’s of each job that would correspond  with your time, talents and gifts!  

Join our leadership team!

Our TSHSAA Boards provides vision and oversight.  We meet about 4-6 times per year.  The most time intensive job can be our Treasurer and Secretary postion.


Please consider serving on our board by circling appropriate position #1- #5  We have elections for board every summer before our calendar year starts In July.  By circling one of the board positions you will be placed in the upcoming board election.

1.  Chairman – schedule and lead the board meeting

2.  Co-Chairman – fill in for Chairman if necessary

3.  Secretary – record meeting notes and post to website, assist in record keeping and follow-up of all registrations.

4.  Treasurer – keep financial records, work with Executive Director on paying for all approved expenses, provide financial report for each board meeting and follow up with tax implications.

5.  Board Member- attend board meetings and assist on any board projects

6.  Executive Director – is appointed by board- This job appoints all directors of each activity and is responsible for all daily activity in the organization – This position reports to and is accountable to the board.  

7.  Fundraising Director – helps coordinate, develop corporate sponsors through members of our organization that have contacts and coordinates sponsorship.  Coordinates all of our fundraising with the University of Arkansas and any other fundraising option. 


8.  Fundraising team member - team members that will assist the fundraising director to help with internal, corporate and University of Arkansas fundraising.


9.  Chaplain – assist with TSHSAA community needs & benevolence.  Prays for specific needs concerns for TSHSAA.  Provides input to directors and board if needed.

Basketball Game Management Teams


10.  Run Scoreboard & Clock (generally home games & tournaments)

11.  Keep the Scorebook (all games – official book when home)

12.  Gate Collection ( home games or hosted toutnaments)

13.  Statistics spot and record basketball player and team stats – all games

14.  Video-ographer – video all games

15.  Reporter & Photography – Social Media and Website – creative work with social media and local   media for publicity and web site special interest stories promoting home school activities.

16.  Agility Reaction Speed Strength Quickness coordinator – has knowledge and able to lead or oversee athletes in core development.

17.  Medical – keep medical kit and ice ready- water and towels for practice and games

18.  Uniform Coordinator – ensure all athletes have proper uniforms for practice and games- assign team managers to help.

19.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches for all teams

20.  Coordinate Referee Pool for all home games- Referee liason

21.  Equipment Coordinator for games/practice – help coaches with game and practice equipment.  Great for home school students that don’t play the game but love to be around the team!

 22.  Team Managers – help communicate information to all parents of the team.  A liink between Directors and coaches and players parents.

 23.  Prep League coordinator - Organize and run the 8u, 10u, 12u skill development internal league for younger players.  Develop best methods to attract and develope younger players for our long-term growth.











Share your time talents and gifts!

 24.  Coordinate special team events as well as work out logistics with hotels/lodging options for tournaments or overnight games.  Help plan and coordinate the end of year banquet and celebrations.  Plan and coordinate any team events prior to some home games.

25.  Organize and facilitate the Leadership Programs – Lead em Up and Team Captain Leadership programs

26.  Cheer Team assistance – help the Director of Cheer in related activities

27.  Baseball Team assistance- help the Director of Baseball in related activities

28.  Track & Field Team assistance – help the Director of Track and Field in related activities